Friday, July 23, 2010

letting go and letting it be good.

i think that one of the hardest tasks to undertake before creating a
book - well, really anything in life - is to let go of any fears and
doubts you may have. as easy as it is to say, it's harder on a daily
basis. you're dealing with your own emotional baggage, bills, errands,
bills, work...and did i mention bills? but there's one or two things i
like to do to make letting go of the stress those situations bring each


if you wake up feeling down, it's hard to shake that off as the day
progresses. kind of like quicksand, but more subtle. you have to find
a way to believe that you'll succeed and today will be a good day. find
a moment to just breathe. smile at absolutely nothing at all. do a nice
thing for someone just because. when you do that, you start to feel less
heavy, and you get that rush of energy flowing through your body.

honestly, this helps a lot. if you dream, and you visualize yourself in a
great situation, you can find yourself carrying that out in real life. after
all, dreams are an extension of our life. and if you dream big, who's to
say you can't live big as well?

point i'm trying to make is, you have to let go of your fears. you can't
eradicate them entirely. but if you make them so inconsequential that you
can't feel them invade your life on a daily basis, you're on your way to
whatever it is you want in life. for me, i had an idea of how liberating
that feeling could be but i never actively realized it until a few years
ago. once you do that, your mind and spirit can do things and create ideas
that can cause change...including within yourself.

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