Wednesday, October 27, 2010

New Web Store!!!

What's happening folks? One of the main questions that
i've been getting is, 'how can i purchase your books?'
before, my response was, 'contact me directly!' now, i
am happy to say, you can make your purchases here:

108 Press Webstore

it's a basic webstore, but i wanted you guys to have
less of a hassle in ordering. again, you can order
by PayPal; if you wish to pay by check or money order,
contact me at to make all of
the necessary arrangements!!!

thanks for being patient and supportive, and i'll be
sure to keep you all updated!!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

i LOVE the feedback so far for 'wife of the heart'...

for folks that have received their copies, the positive
feedback has been tremendous!!! i've had one or two folks
just go speechless and others beam with gotta
understand that the feeling you get when someone really
appreciates your work is basically like putting a battery
in your back. to those folks, i say again, thank you. and
to those interested in a copy, you know what to do!!! *big

Thursday, October 21, 2010

the 'EFF IT' moment.

there's something to be said about stepping forward
and getting out one's dreams a la Kanye West. you and
i have probably talked to so many people about what
they'd want to do different. a lot of it is of course,
conditional: it's about having that excess income, or
a great deal of time that's devoid of worry. and that
is what prevents us from doing things we want to do at
times. we get lulled into waiting for that right time
when everything's aligned and how often does that take

when i set out to do the first book, this was after a
number of years and false starts. i fell prey to the
thought process that i needed x amount of dollars and
x amount of time. it got so that i planned my own
obstacles rather than getting by them to the goals.
all of this is to say that all you needed is what i
found i needed. and that is the 'EFF IT' moment for
lack of a better term. the moment where you just say
'i'm GOING to do it, i WILL do it' and don't look back
as things progress. if i hadn't done it, i wouldn't be
able to say i have two books under my belt. and i'd be
on the sidelines checking out other people's work and
finding myself fighting off bitterness because i never
took the initiative. so, hopefully you get your 'EFF IT'
moment soon and do what it is you've wanted to do.

signing off for now, thanks for reading!!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

keeping it moving.

easier to say, harder to do.

you might have heard this, but sharks need to constantly move
in the water otherwise they sink and risk drowning because
they cannot breathe unless they move. it has to do with their
liver which keeps them afloat rather than the customary gas
filled bladders found in other fish. a lot can be learned
from this and put to use in daily life.

more often than not, people get caught up in the past. they
dwell on their last decision, an old relationship or old
mistakes. and that slows up any progress you might be making
to the point that you'll stop altogether and find yourself
being stagnant when you should be progressive. i've been in
that same mode too many times. and it has hampered me a bit
but not too much. instead, like the shark, i keep moving, i
keep swimming and looking for opportunity. they like to tell
you opportunity comes once in a lifetime. it's all over the
place if you're driven enough to get it and work for it.
keeping it moving is key to your own success. and i've applied
that to my writing and never looked back. and i hope a lot
of you are doing the same or on the verge of doing the same

until the next time, stay positive!!!

Paulo Coelho on Luck, Coincidence and Faith

Lessons from one of the great literary souls on this planet...

Friday, October 15, 2010

post-birthday reflections.

while the weather is appropriate for this time of
year and seems to put folks in a blah mood, i am
upbeat. my birthday was yesterday and i finally
let loose a little, even with the remnants of a
seasonal cold in my system.

so far, 108 Press has been able to publish two
books of poetry and i'm truly thankful for that.
the key thing though, is that now i feel that it
is time to step things up with the next couple of
releases. there's no reason not to. there's so much
i want to share with the world. and i'm determined
to get it out there. and i hope you'll continue
to be there with me.

enjoy your weekend, whatever it is you choose
to do!!! peace!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

'wife of the heart'...quiet reflection.

i can't think of too many things that compel
me to stop and just enter a contemplative state
like i am in now. while i've already accomplished
publishing a book, the thrill of seeing that box
on my stoop always remains new. i'll admit, i
almost got misty-eyed opening the box and seeing
all of those fresh books waiting to enter homes
and entertain.

i've dreamed of being a writer since i was eight
years old. most folks give up their dreams for
various reasons when they're younger. i almost
did. it's hard to hold onto what you love due
to life and the need to do certain things to
subsist and all. but i'm thankful that i have a
great family to give me strength to follow and
realize this dream as well as a great group of
friends. with this book, i needed that support
so much due to everything that's happened. now,
i can sit back and enjoy the moment. i've got
a second book published.

and now...on to the next one.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

'wife of the heart' is HERE!!!!

the hour has come!!!

fresh copies of the newest book are here
and available for purchase!! for any orders
and other questions, please email me at!!! the price of
the book is ten dollars USD excluding
shipping and handling!!!