Friday, July 16, 2010

new projects, new beginnings.

hey folks, this is the second official entry on the 108 Press
blog. at the moment, i'm hard at work ensuring that the second
print of 'lovestoned' hits the streets as well as getting myself
ready to deliver the newest book, 'wife of the heart' before the
summer ends. if it sounds like a major undertaking, it is. but i
welcome the challenge only because i believe in everything these
books represent. i believe you'll feel the same way. this time
period of creation is a juggling act between feeling like it's
a chore and relishing the fact that i'm sharing something profound
with the world. the key for me is, looking at it as the beginning
of something beautiful.

anyway, that's all for now...more updates to come(without the big
lapse in time, i promise!!)

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