Friday, August 26, 2011

'where the planes fly low' day 5

i have become a firm believer in the power of
power naps.

it really works when you're struggling to put
something down on paper and you just can't put
a string of words together!! i used to do the
old trick of putting the writing aside and doing
something else, but lately that's been working
less and less because the other tasks i take up
either drain me completely or take up enough time
that i am left with no time to really dig in and
write. so, i started to take quick 10 to 15 minute
naps. it's not as crazy as it sounds. grab your
phone and set an alarm on it to wake you up. if
you happen to be a sound sleeper, set the alarm
on your TV as well as a backup.

that's all for now!! thanks for reading!!

- Chris

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

"where the planes fly low" day 4

i am now realizing what is ahead of me in order to
finish this book...and i've been a bit concerned.

i know i can do it, but it is a very daunting set
of circumstances i've placed on myself. so far, i've
only got a page and a half of notes. and my goal is
to have an eBook about 60-70 pages in length.
is there a patron saint of authors with writer's

Monday, August 22, 2011

'where the planes fly low' day 3

not much got done today...had a baby shower to go
to...but its more incentive for tomorrow!!!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

'where the planes fly low' day 2

one thing about setting out to write an entire book
is, distractions will crop up. i'm not talking about
meeting up with people in a pre-arranged manner. i'm
talking about ordinary, run of the mill stuff. for
example, when i began to take notes today, i had a
pile of books which had stood upright before with
no signs of leaning over at all fell over. and kept
falling over despite many attempts at keeping it
straight. in addition to that, i had a web browser
window open just for research purposes, and my Wi-Fi
signal was being squeezed tighter than an obese person
in Lycra.

the best thing to do in these cases is this: take a
break from what you're doing. in most cases, stuff
that keeps taking your attention away from the work
means that you're not as focused as you need to be.
but make sure it's for a fixed length of time, because
then procrastination will settle in. in extreme cases,
you may want to go to certain lengths to ensure your
mind won't wander.

so i'm glad to say that i did get a little bit of
research down before i hit the city for the night.
hope this post was enlightening, and look out for
the next one!!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Day 1 of 'where the planes fly low'

i'm setting out to begin work today FINALLY
on 'where the planes fly low.' the success of
this book is going to rely mainly on how potent
and powerful my memory will be, being that i'm
going back some years.

this is one moment where the tendencies i have
towards procrastination check in just to cause
a bit of ruckus. i've got letters to write, a
little freelance thing to finish up before day's
end and it's Friday. but i'm focused. i've got
my notes out in plain view plus an alarm set up
where after 10 minutes, it goes off reminding
me to move on to the next thing. i've done that
in the past and its worked wonders for me. i
often wonder how Ernest Hemingway did it. then
i remember he had a bucket of daquiris and the
Havana sunshine. i have to make do with the
serenity of Southeast Queens. not too bad when
you think about it.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

new work on the way!!!

folks, it has been a long while since we've brought you
some news. and we're sure you've been wondering what's
going on. well. we're happy to announce that a new work
will be coming to you real eBook form!!! no
one can say that 108 Press isn't up on the current standards
of the industry!! and as a matter of fact we're going
to keep you in the loop with a daily journal!! so please
check out this blog as well as our new Facebook page
starting tomorrow!!!