Sunday, August 21, 2011

'where the planes fly low' day 2

one thing about setting out to write an entire book
is, distractions will crop up. i'm not talking about
meeting up with people in a pre-arranged manner. i'm
talking about ordinary, run of the mill stuff. for
example, when i began to take notes today, i had a
pile of books which had stood upright before with
no signs of leaning over at all fell over. and kept
falling over despite many attempts at keeping it
straight. in addition to that, i had a web browser
window open just for research purposes, and my Wi-Fi
signal was being squeezed tighter than an obese person
in Lycra.

the best thing to do in these cases is this: take a
break from what you're doing. in most cases, stuff
that keeps taking your attention away from the work
means that you're not as focused as you need to be.
but make sure it's for a fixed length of time, because
then procrastination will settle in. in extreme cases,
you may want to go to certain lengths to ensure your
mind won't wander.

so i'm glad to say that i did get a little bit of
research down before i hit the city for the night.
hope this post was enlightening, and look out for
the next one!!

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