Friday, August 19, 2011

Day 1 of 'where the planes fly low'

i'm setting out to begin work today FINALLY
on 'where the planes fly low.' the success of
this book is going to rely mainly on how potent
and powerful my memory will be, being that i'm
going back some years.

this is one moment where the tendencies i have
towards procrastination check in just to cause
a bit of ruckus. i've got letters to write, a
little freelance thing to finish up before day's
end and it's Friday. but i'm focused. i've got
my notes out in plain view plus an alarm set up
where after 10 minutes, it goes off reminding
me to move on to the next thing. i've done that
in the past and its worked wonders for me. i
often wonder how Ernest Hemingway did it. then
i remember he had a bucket of daquiris and the
Havana sunshine. i have to make do with the
serenity of Southeast Queens. not too bad when
you think about it.

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