Sunday, November 13, 2011

creeping dread before writing.

a little quick post for you guys...

have you ever sat down to do something with a certain amount
of dread and foreboding? i sometimes get that way when i write,
to be honest with you. why? well, part of it stems from the
need to have everything i put down to paper be dead solid perfect.
i want to express all of the nuances of the characters and story
as effortlessly as possible. yes, i know it's not easy or all
that realistic to approach writing like that. i'm taking baby
steps though; there was a time i wouldn't even admit that.

another part of it is, there's a nagging feeling that it(the
process of writing) starts to feel like work. it IS work, damn
hard work. but i take time to beat back that feeling and in
doing so, i consume more time than i should only because i want
to make sure it's almost non-existent. i know that if i'm going
through this, that others must be as well. i'm here to tell you
you're not alone and that you can get past that!!!

i'll come back to this later on in the week...until the next time,
be well.

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