Thursday, November 3, 2011

give love to get love.

i've always believed this to be true...

in order to be successful, one of the main things you should
ALWAYS your fellow artists some love. and that love
returns to you tenfold. now, it's a simple rule. fairly easy
to remember. but not a lot of us do it. we'll give it lip service
and go on about our business. and that's a mistake. so this may
be a refresher course for some, and for others it may be ground
rules you may have tossed to the side like some of us did with
the manuals to video games back in the day.

giving love to an artist or business can mean many things. first
tenet of that is, word of mouth. any enterprise thrives when
people have it on their brain. talk about what you do to people
and if they're interested and like it, they will definitely pass
it on. the other side to that is, if someone relates to you what
they do, pass that info on. because that's how networks grow and
how we all move forward.

the second tenet is, press the issue. for example, there was a
friend of mine a while back who had a business. it was something
that she stood to be really prominent in. but she didn't press
the issue, that is to say, she was inconsistent in promoting the
business and herself. in this day and age, you may be able to slack
off for an instant, but never two. you have to keep presenting
yourself out there. please note that i said will
need to know the fine line because once you cross over into pushing,
you risk losing a lot of people who will listen. now i know we all
understand the premise and ideas of hustling, but even hustlers
know how to ebb and flow like the tides. get yourself out there
consistently. i myself have struggled with this. if it's a time
issue, set up a routine in a planner or on your smartphone.

lastly, make the belief fuel the drive. people are inundated with
a lot of stuff every minute these days. you have to convey how
strongly you feel about this person's creation and business based
on how people view YOU. if they know you, they know that who you
promote is on the money. and that allows that other person to get
the money, literally and figuratively. treat their success as your
success and you'll find it's a great reward.

that's all for this post...until the next time!

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