Saturday, December 17, 2011

10 days of determination: day 3 - the art of verbal fisticuffs

Ishmael Reed said it best, 'writin' is fightin'.'

there's a lot of people out there writing. for newspapers, websites,
magazines and blogs and other venues. and you will find yourself pitted
against these voices and opinions and asking yourself if yours can
cut the mustard. in those moments of doubt, you need to take the
approach of a boxer in the ring with your writing.

sometimes that approach can pump new energy into your art. look at
Miles Davis, for example. Miles was an avid student of boxing; it was
a prime reason why he gave up his heroin addiction in 1953. the rigorous
training regimen helped sharpen his senses and timing and that became
steeped in his music from that point forward. you can learn more about
Miles and boxing here: approach your writing like you're going to battle. make
your sentences like potent combinations. work your reader's emotions
and connectivity to the story like a series of punches to the ribcage.
make your stories durable and able to flow for lengthy periods. and
most importantly, make sure your words always pack a punch.

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