Thursday, August 19, 2010

'lovestoned' second run now available!!!!

sorry it's been a while since posts but i've been extremely
busy(as a matter of fact i'm currently working outside of
home as i publish this post)but i wanted to share this great
news with you!!

is my first real-life, genuine self-published
book. this was a highlight of the summer of 2008 for me, for so
many reasons. i had always wanted to be published, and i've had
many people in my life who(lovingly)pestered me more than bill
collectors on red bull asking, 'so when are you coming out with a
book?' 'when is the book gonna be done?' and when i finally got
'lovestoned' out to the masses, the response was FANTASTIC!!! i
released it in august and by the end of november i essentially
sold out my first run.

being able to make this second run available to you means a lot.
if you already have a copy, that's great and i thank you once
again for your support. if you know anyone who you know will
simply love what 'lovestoned' is, then all you have to do is
give 'em this blog addy and they can order a copy(or three)from
me directly. all copies are $8 USD, with shipping and handling
to be determined depending on your location. email me directly
at and i promise to get back to you
promptly. with regards to payment, i accept checks, money orders,
and PayPal.

so spread the word!! and stay tuned for updates on my next book,
'wife of the heart'!!

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  1. love love love it Chris.. keep them churnin ;]