Thursday, August 19, 2010

wife of the heart...a little backstory.

(photo taken at topsail island, NC 8/4/10)

i've been working on this book for weeks and i have to
say, there's so much raw emotion every time i look at
these poems about...her. so much so that i've had to
step back at times and regain my composure. when you
are writing and sharing something personal, i don't care
what other folks say, it claws at you in spots you
thought you had protected. in spite of that though, i
think it's coming along real well.

'wife of the heart' is about someone who i've loved. and
in some respects, still do. it's a celebration of what
i shared with her and what she meant to me on all levels.
i actually had another piece with this title and i got to
calling her this from time to time. i was inspired by
kazuo koike's manga series 'samurai executioner' which
had a story that bore this title. i felt it was the best
way to honor what i felt for her while she was a great
part of my life.

i'll share more later on...back to the grind.


  1. can't wait to read it.. keep up the great and inspirational work!

  2. thanks mami i will strive to do wonders!!