Tuesday, August 31, 2010

setbacks and steps forward.

ah...technology. a blessing and a curse.

i haven't been keeping up with you guys
for so long because my Powerbook G4 has
been slowly doing a La Boheme and fading
fast on me..literally. The display screen
has glitched out, and so i had to get a
new Powerbook...which has been acting up.
i've cussed, gotten frustrated and found
myself in a low state.

but due to the greatness of daily blessings
that can even be found in the worst moments,
i'm encouraged by a couple of things. one
of them being, i got my first positive
correspondence from a bookstore today!! the
second thing is, i'm now planning out my
trips to DC and philly for performances
over the next two months. and mostly, even
with the PC troubles everything is still on
course with 'wife of the heart'. i'm just
thankful both for options and the fact that
i haven't totally flipped out!!

more news soon!!


  1. everything comes full circle, especially for one who revolves in positivity ... destroy and rebuild.