Wednesday, September 29, 2010

delays, delays...

sometimes, we have to come to an understanding
that delays are part of life. when you accept
that, it makes things easier and less stressful.

i've come to that conclusion only after a few
minutes of swearing, pacing back and forth and
punching my pillows. this was after hearing
'wife of the heart' would be shipping late. i
was given a heads up, so on one hand i can be
a bit less stressed but on the other hand, it
is frustrating. being the main person behind
108 Press, i strive to deliver and well, this is
the first time that's not going to happen. the
only thing i can promise you, the public is
that we are pushing forward and you can still
make pre-orders for a copy of 'wife of the heart'
right now!!! and i hope that the next time we
won't encounter this again. i'm too young to
have an advil addiction.

thank you for your understanding and most
importantly, your support.

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