Friday, September 24, 2010

how 108 Press came to be.

*cue rising, dramatic, heroic music*

this is the origin story of 108 Press.

okay, let me dial back on the cinematic effects.
when i set out in 2008 to publish my first genuine
book, i wanted a name for my printing brand that
would be simple yet powerful, and full of meaning
without being exclusionary. i had come home from
work one evening, exhausted as usual. i wanted to
lift my spirits up a bit, so i popped in one of my
favorite kung-fu movies, 'The Water Margin'. i had
first seen this movie on TNT after an NBA double
bill and was instantly taken in. that version was
the Westernized, overdubbed take on the story and
a couple of years later i got my hands on the original
Shaw Brothers version, fully re-mastered.

'The Water Margin' is one of the four key classics
of Chinese literature. it's based on real events
and people, specifically the Song dynasty of the 12th
century. the heroes of Liangshan mountain in northern
China decided to fight against the tyranny of the
emperor of that time, their struggle for justice
capturing the hearts and minds of the people. the movie
itself covers only 4 chapters out of the book. it
spawned a sequel by Shaw Brothers and remains a classic
story told over and over again. you know how many of
the Liangshan heroes there were?


at that point, i got inspired. if 108 fighters could
change the destiny of a nation, that means that each
person used their will and their inner strength to
accomplish the impossible. which is what some have felt
about me, from friends to family members. and that
number held so much weight. even with the numerology
of the Five Percenters, a faction of Islam, the number
108 stood out to me. because what i write, what i want
to give to the world, i want to be thought provoking.
i want it to create change for the better. and having
this kind of inspiration would only help me succeed
that much more.

and there you have it...until the next time!!!

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