Sunday, September 26, 2010

'wife of the heart'...why i wrote it.

i guess the overwhelming question most people
have is, 'why'd you put this book together?'
over time, the strongest reason i can give is
this: i wanted something that would stand tall
throughout time that showed how much i cared
about this woman. i wanted to show how that
changed me, and my writing.

i wanted to celebrate who this person was to
me. i wanted to show that despite how things
might have ended, she had a positive impact
on my life. does it sound corny? maybe. but if
we all chose to look at things this way, i
think we learn and we grow that much wiser.
and so do they. plus, when i looked back at
some of these poems, i was taken aback at the
depth of emotion and clarity in the words. and
i couldn't see them being tucked away in a
desk drawer forever. it wouldn't be right.

that's it in a nutshell. no john hughes plot
arc, no obsessive aspect. until the next post
readers, keep it light!!

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