Thursday, October 21, 2010

the 'EFF IT' moment.

there's something to be said about stepping forward
and getting out one's dreams a la Kanye West. you and
i have probably talked to so many people about what
they'd want to do different. a lot of it is of course,
conditional: it's about having that excess income, or
a great deal of time that's devoid of worry. and that
is what prevents us from doing things we want to do at
times. we get lulled into waiting for that right time
when everything's aligned and how often does that take

when i set out to do the first book, this was after a
number of years and false starts. i fell prey to the
thought process that i needed x amount of dollars and
x amount of time. it got so that i planned my own
obstacles rather than getting by them to the goals.
all of this is to say that all you needed is what i
found i needed. and that is the 'EFF IT' moment for
lack of a better term. the moment where you just say
'i'm GOING to do it, i WILL do it' and don't look back
as things progress. if i hadn't done it, i wouldn't be
able to say i have two books under my belt. and i'd be
on the sidelines checking out other people's work and
finding myself fighting off bitterness because i never
took the initiative. so, hopefully you get your 'EFF IT'
moment soon and do what it is you've wanted to do.

signing off for now, thanks for reading!!!

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