Tuesday, October 12, 2010

'wife of the heart'...quiet reflection.

i can't think of too many things that compel
me to stop and just enter a contemplative state
like i am in now. while i've already accomplished
publishing a book, the thrill of seeing that box
on my stoop always remains new. i'll admit, i
almost got misty-eyed opening the box and seeing
all of those fresh books waiting to enter homes
and entertain.

i've dreamed of being a writer since i was eight
years old. most folks give up their dreams for
various reasons when they're younger. i almost
did. it's hard to hold onto what you love due
to life and the need to do certain things to
subsist and all. but i'm thankful that i have a
great family to give me strength to follow and
realize this dream as well as a great group of
friends. with this book, i needed that support
so much due to everything that's happened. now,
i can sit back and enjoy the moment. i've got
a second book published.

and now...on to the next one.

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