Tuesday, October 19, 2010

keeping it moving.

easier to say, harder to do.

you might have heard this, but sharks need to constantly move
in the water otherwise they sink and risk drowning because
they cannot breathe unless they move. it has to do with their
liver which keeps them afloat rather than the customary gas
filled bladders found in other fish. a lot can be learned
from this and put to use in daily life.

more often than not, people get caught up in the past. they
dwell on their last decision, an old relationship or old
mistakes. and that slows up any progress you might be making
to the point that you'll stop altogether and find yourself
being stagnant when you should be progressive. i've been in
that same mode too many times. and it has hampered me a bit
but not too much. instead, like the shark, i keep moving, i
keep swimming and looking for opportunity. they like to tell
you opportunity comes once in a lifetime. it's all over the
place if you're driven enough to get it and work for it.
keeping it moving is key to your own success. and i've applied
that to my writing and never looked back. and i hope a lot
of you are doing the same or on the verge of doing the same

until the next time, stay positive!!!

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